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  1. Password cracking

    A case study in combinatorics

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    Abstract: Many cryptographic systems such as OpenPGP and Linux Unified Key Setup utilize passwords to encrypt the payload, whether directly or indirectly. Due to limits on human memory, low entropy of natural language, and other related factors, passwords are oftentimes the weakest link in the crypto system, and thus represent a viable attack point for obtaining unauthorized access. In this article I share my personal experiences with trying a password guessing attack on an OpenPGP keypair, with a focus on the combinatorics of the problem.

  2. A Declaration of Intent

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    Abstract: To successfully launch a long-term project such as this collection of articles and essays, I must ask myself why I am writing, what I am trying to accomplish by this. Realistically, I must also provide a reason for why you should read my writings. In this inaugural article, I answer both of these questions, and I share the story of why I did not choose a different topic for my inaugural article.